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Karaoke Mixers and Amplifiers

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VM-2000 Digital Karaoke Mixer

Digital Karaoke Mixer

Professional Digital Karaoke Mixer VM-2000 BBE BOOST to control gain of bass for BBE effect with BBE ON/OFF   Build-in 24-bit high-speed DSP digital chip with 48KHz sampling rate   Build-in real-time feedback eliminator processor to filter out howling feedback noise from the speakers automatically Supports up to 16 internal effects including 8 fixed effects and 8 programmable effects...
$500.00  $399.99


VM-400MA Karaoke Amplifier/Mixer

Karaoke Amplifier/Mixer

Professional Karaoke Amplifier With MP3 Recorder/Player The unique design of VM-400MA digital karaoke amplifier is its built-in MP3 recorder and player module. Now you can digitally record all of your performances in MP3 format using the VMSound VM-400MA Mixing Amplifier. Whether you are singing, speaking or playing instruments, you can record your performances to the USB/SD card and forever...
$750.00  $599.99